Kids and weather station



Here we have two cute kids, but they’re old news. The hotness is in the upper right hand corner:


That’s a base-model $69 Kindle, hacked to run as a weather station!

Anna has been trying to use our cheap indoor-outdoor thermometer to choose clothes in the morning, so I spent some hours making something better. This pulls weather data from, so it should be pretty accurate. The Kindle is used as cheap, high-quality display. That e-ink display is just excellent for this.

The project writeup is here if you’re curious. Hacking the Kindle took a few hours of reading and researching, the server side was trivial. Good Saturday project. Anna likes it and can already understand the pictograms, and is working on understanding temperature. Hmm, maybe I should switch to Celsius, this Fahrenheit crap is lame…

Next up, switch from to the shiny new data


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